Friday, August 9, 2013

Simplement D Liche Cupcakes

The cronut is in town people! OK, I have to say that I had never heard of such a thing until recently. I know, I know. 

Anyhoot, I went to school for 3 years right next to this place and even though I had noticed it (it's been opened for about two years), I had never gone inside. It is SO cute. It LOOKS like a cupcake place, you know? It's all nice and clean and white. I was very pleasantly surprised and happy to get invited by Jade Nguyen (turns out she did her Bachelors in Management and had some classes at ITHQ). 

Oh and they sell a bunch of cupcake paraphernalia. It's all very cute. You want to have a birthday party for your little girl? Well, they have Hello Kitty stuff. Your boy? They have robot stuff. Oh and when I said 'your little girl', I meant me. Y'all know I'm a bit of a Hello Kitty freak.

The two owners were once in finance and in pharmaceuticals but decided to follow their dream and open a cupcake shop. Nice! And they just seem like two very happy-go-lucky guys. They also told me that they don't use shortening... just butta... oh yes... BUTTA :p They try to use natural ingredients and to just, well, make it as good as possible!

The croooooooonuuuuuuuuut!
Alright, let's get down to business; the cronut. The cronut, as wikipedia explains, was developed by Dominique Ansel, a French, NYC based pastry chef, not too long ago. It's basically a mix of doughnut and croissant. Basically, they take the croissant dough, put some crème pâtissière in there, there's some frying, some powder sugaring and voilà. Ish. So Simplement D Liche tried many recipes before getting to this one, as Jade was telling me. And it's a huge one (for 5$); I had to bring 1/4 of it home with me! Apparently only one other bakery in Montreal serves up the cronut and it's in Little Italy. D Liche has been selling the cronut for only weeks now and already, their getting lines around the block and selling out every day!

Holy decadence batman!
The cronut, or at least D Liche's cronut, is not overly sweet. Way less sweet than you would think, which is a good thing because it's very decadent. It's moist and fluffy all at once. Some parts seemed to be a bit undercooked but that has never stopped me :) As I've mentioned before, I loves me some raw dough. The crème pâtissière added some moistness, which was welcomed because of the richness of it all. It's a good thing I had a glass of water! I'm not much of a doughnut girl so I think I had a hard time appreciating the full value of ze cronut.

And now, the scores.

Food: 7
Service: 9,5

I will definitely go back to try their good lookin' cupcakes (many friends have gone and loved them) but I think the cronut and I were a one time thang.

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